What´s the WTC WHU?

The World Team Championships (WTC) are supposed to be the pinnacle of competitive international gaming in a team environment for the game Warhammer Underworlds (WHU) by Games Workshop.

It's a follow up of the discontinued European Team Championships (ETC) for WHU. The combined ETC of 40k, T9A, FoW and WHU split up fully in 2022. WHU was present in ETC 2019 for the first time and had it´s second showing in 2022 after a break during the pandemic.

An annual clash of nations from around the globe is what we aim for to ultimately identify the top nation in WHU every year!

In the current situation of WHU it became more difficult event to gather a reasonable amount of full national teams (as per the formerly used ETC charter) to live up to the expected standards of such an event.

With forming the WTC the former ETC captains set up a council to take all required decisions to ensure the WTC can live up to its name and to make the event support the competitive aspect of the game as good as possible. Current council members are:

Daniele Gorini (Italy)

Cyril Deneux (France)

Jaroslaw Dybal (Poland)

Konstantin Kruchinin (Russia)

Frederick Humcke (Germany)




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