WTC Nations CuP Online 2021

The WTC Nations Cup Online 2021 is a TG PLAY!-Event which will happen as an online-event in 2021 due to the current COVID-19-Pandemic.


The events will be hosted exclusively via this website and our DISCORD-Server we set up for this purpose. Not joining the server will mean you can not participate any of the events! 


It contains 8-player team-events for T9A, AoS and WHU that happen between 02.07. and 11.09.2021. See the the event-readers and our Discord server for details!

 T9A Team:

- 8 players per team

- national teams

- 4500p official Tournament Rules

 AoS Team:

- 8 players per team

- national teams

- Pitched Battle


- 8 players per team

- national teams

- Championship format

<- your donation via PayPal helps TG PLAY! to ensure we can keep the current club house long enough to withstand the current pandemic. On top of that it will allow us to ship physical trophies and prizes for winners of the online events!



Turngemeinde Herford von 1860 e.V.

Waldfriedenstr. 62

32049 Herford



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