How to set up a Team?

To confirm your registration/apply for a team-spot please contact the Council via Discord!

The WTC currently aims for around 12 teams competing in a 9-game (Bo3) event over the course of 3 days. To determine which teams/team setups will have priority for joining the annual event, the council will use the following priorities as a guideline. Baseline for qualifying as a “national” is at least 12 month residency or being a passport holder of the respective country. Teams can apply for being part of the WTC by having their assigned captain raising his serious intention to put an effort to set up a full team (and the council being convinced that this effort has a good chance in being successful)

Priority 1 - 01.01.-21.01.2023 (weeks 1-3 of registration):

  • former ETC- and full national-teams that apply for WTC with a maximum of one non-qualifying “national”. Non-qualifying team-members are only allowed, if the captain made a reasonable effort to fill his team with qualifying national players only and did not succeed. The minimum requirement for such reasonable effort is to advertise the free slots on his team on the two biggest WHU Facebook groups (tag at least one council-member for awareness) and gives 14 days of time for interested nationals to respond and to take the slot

Priority 2 - 22.01.-11.02.2023 (week 4-6 of registration):

  • Secondary full national teams of nations that qualified under “Priority 1”
  • Teams that represent a “region” (Trans-border! Examples: BeNeLux, Swiss/Austria, Asia, North America) the council deems reasonable to incorporate into the WTC line-up. The “regional” team has to form to achieve the goal to have the broadest possible amount of nations participating in the event without watering down the claim to be a clash of nations

Priority 3 - 12.02.-04.03.2023 (week 7-9 of registration)

  • Tertiary full national teams of nations that qualified under “Priority 1”
  • Any team that convinces the council to be an enrichment for the overall WTC goal.
  • Team(s) United Nations will be set up by the council in case less than 12 teams overall apply or we end up with an odd number of teams



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